Monday, September 12, 2016

Lesson + Jumping!

She's a firecracker!
Last Tuesday I got to have my first group lesson with A and we got to jump the juummpppsss!

It was just four or so cross rails but it was And I actually surprised myself I didn't look like a total incompetent goob, just a little, haha.

I know your probably thinking, you jumped that horse over there? The one that looks like she is in a coma?? Haha, yes, and she really likes jumping so we got a few exuberant hops out of her!

So I got there at a great time this week. I had plenty of time to get her brushed and tacked up. I came thirty minutes later this time and she had a lesson going already which Goldie was being used in by a tween girl. So after she was done she hopped off and she untacked her western gear and brushed her down. Then I retacked her up in my saddle and all her hunt seat duds. As you can tell from the top picture she was pretty worried about it all, lol.

A has to drive from work about 40 minutes away so she was a little later. My instructor told me to go ahead and go in the next ring and start warming up while she finished up her previous lesson. Which was fun! It was so nice to be riding a horse that knew how to walk trot and canter and steer. It's been a while since I've been on a well trained horse! 

So after we all got in there we did a few exercises to get our muscles working, then did the 7 7 7 routine. After that she had us stop and talk a bit and we went over how to jump again and she had us go over a set of three or four ground poles to get used to getting into our jump position again.  Then we got to jump! I followed A through the girst cross rail since Goldie has a foggy eye from an old injury. But L said after she does her first jump she is great. And really I had no trouble out of her period. She was great! So we did that a few times and then we went through a set of two jump, which you will see on the video. It was a blast.

After that L had to hurry off to her middle childs soccer game so we were left to cool out and put the horses up. I can't wait to see what we will do this week! And I was much less sore thank goodness! Which we didn't do near as intense work with two of us in there. I have been keeping up my exercising routine at home and trying my hardest to sit up at work and when I am walking around. It's been hard but I'm trying! My shoulders were awful this last lesson, as you will see in the video. Ugh, they just love to cave in. And my core just loves to collapse. But I'm working on it!

And! As for my other exciting news I mentioned in the previous post. Check out what we got!

My very own horse trailer! I'm so happy! It is a definite fixer upper and needs a lot of work but I am having so much fun restoring it. And it was only a little over 1k. The floor and frame and such are in good shape, tires are good. But it needs a lot of derustifying (yeah I just made that a word, lol) and paint. Also some new windows, gah, that green is hideous! You can see the pressure washer there, I have worked on it off and on for three days now trying to blast all the flaky paint off before we get down to sanding it. After that we will prime it and paint. Recaulk, put up reflector tape, etc. The jack also needs a bit of work and we need to hook up the trailer brakes and check out some other wiring. 

It is a 2 horse straight load with a big tack/dressing room. 

There is a little door to get to the horses heads from the tack

Makes my suburban look teeny!
I pulled it back from the interstate by myself after we picked up the hubby's car, and it didn't make me nervous one bit. This is only like the second time I've pulled a horse trailer and it was a breeze. Yeah!

I think we are going to paint it all white with maybe a black stripe or decal. I want something to break up all the white but not sure what yet. 

Also, does anyone have any idea what brand it might be?? We haven't found a make anywhere. Which could very possibly mean its a 'homemade' lol.

I will keep yall updated! Until later!

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