Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dressage Time!

I got to ride Mr. Charlie last night! (edit: last week! lol) He is a early teen flea bitten gray QH. He was a bit of a pill to begin with but after we worked through his naughtiness he was pretty good!

Tacking up
My trainers Collegiate Sr Event, I really like it! (and the pad is so perty, lol)
So the husband was a tad late coming to get the littlest stinker (had to work late) so I stuck her in her baby carrier and just went on with my business! Thankfully the girl that helps out had already caught him and stuck him in the cross ties for me. She turned to L and said "Man, I hope I'm that kind of mom one day," lol! You just do what you gotta do sometimes!

I brushed him down and put his tack on that she had found for me. After that we just hung out for a bit waiting on daddy. After he got there I handed Hailey bug over and bridled and booted Mr. Charlie and walked on out to jump on. She had me ride with a bit longer stirrup that day since we wouldn't be doing any jumping and going through Intro B again. Yeah!

So I walked in to warm him up in the other arena while I waited on L to get done with her previous lesson. The hubby stayed to watch and hung out at the pergola area. I was so happy he was there to watch, it was fun for him to be able to see what I've been working on. He said I looked like I knew what I was doing (hah) ;).

So Charlie likes to pin his ears, shake his head, and not go forward if he thinks he can get away with it. He tested me a few times but finally got over himself about a quarter of the way through our lesson lol. I wish I had bought gloves the other day when I meant to because I have some nice blisters. He was VERY heavy in the bridle and took a LOT of contact to get on the bit and slow his butt down. I was a little alarmed a few times with how fast he got but finally got his number about halfway through. L kept telling me just a little 'wiggle, wiggle' to get him to slow down. And I tried that a few times and then just took things into my own hands so to speak, lol, and took a MUCH firmer hold on him and wha la! Here comes dressage pony!

So after that we went into the other arena and did Intro B again, which went really well! L and kept hollering how I was getting him to do all that in a snaffle with no leverage, lol. It was fun. After that she wanted me to trot around her so she could take pictures. But everytime he looked good I didn't lol. So anyway here are the best ones. If you can call them that!

So I started this post last week but just now getting it posted! I had another great lesson last night and some not so good Harold news (myterious lameness) that I will post about soon! Ta ta.

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