Tuesday, October 4, 2016


So I guess I am in a habit of posting about my previous lesson on the day of my NEXT lesson now, lol. Oh well!

So last week Allison and I got there only about 5 minutes before our lesson which made us a tad later getting started. She also had a bit of trouble with London (the grey appendix) who had not been rode all weekend and had been stuck in a stall while new fences were put up.

I found out I was riding Holster! He is a older QH gelding. I have seen his cute face around, and met his 'mom' but had yet to ride him. He is pretty much a schoolmaster, but will make you work for it! I found out quickly that the spurs and crop were my friend to wake him up.

So the third lady in our group got there way late, but thankfully the helper had Goldie all tacked up and ready for her. She told me later that she thought lessons started at 530! LOL. So hopefully that won't happen again.

Mr. Holster (also notice the gloves! I love them)
L told us we were going to be doing some jumping (yayy) that day so we first warmed up and then did some ground poles. We did an exercise where we picked up a canter through the jump poles cantered a half circle, and then trotted 3 poles in two point. Well mister lazy made me work for it but by the third time I had his number and we did great. So fun! I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable cantering.

Poor A was having a horrible time with Mr. London. He was fresh a L had ever seen him and she had a time getting him to behave. She did great with him but I know she was exhausted afterwards! So L had to put most of her attention on A and the other lady so I mainly just went around with very little instruction. Which is okay, but I was kind of dissapointed we only had time to do one jump a few times through. Hopefully today we will be able to use our time better!

Our attempt at a post lesson picture! lol
So we have made some decent progress on our trailer! We really only have a few days a week to work on it, and last week we didn't get to do much. I don't have any current pictures but here is the awesome hubby bondoing the bad parts.

We have since sanded all that down and started work on the roof and front. After we get the roof all sanded we can bondo it and then the other side. And hopefully done with the bondo!

So I got to take it on its maiden voyage the week before last! Poor Harold has been off on his fronts since just before the farrier came a few weeks ago. And then the farrier made it worse -_-. I have such a hard time finding a good horse shoer!! Anyway he was so bad that Friday I loaded him up to take him to the vet. He did so good getting on, getting off at the vet, just chilling at the vet, jumped right back on. Luv him! Thankfully the babies fell asleep and I was able to focus on him. 

Being a good boy at the vet
So the vets consensus was a stone bruise. He showed me a little red spot on his sole that he was sore on. He is STILL not right but I've heard those can take a long time to heal. Sigh. He gave me some powdered bute and sent me home with him.

She absolutely had to hold the 'reins', lol

Last Friday I went out to check on him and see how he was doing. He's still sore but not as bad thankfully. I did some small work with him that he can do stand still doing. Flexing, putting his head down on cue, etc. Shelby girl also wanted a ride so we had fun with that!

Well that's about it! I'll try and update sooner then next week! ;)

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