Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Lessons and Trotting Outside the Round Pen

So first my most exciting news. I got to ride Harold boy again last week Thursday afternoon (which now with the time and season change turns into evening!) And this time we did quite a bit of trotting! It was so fun. And he was a star. We just weaved in and out of all sorts of things and places. Up above you can see the fence line to the right and then a few random trees just inside the fence. That was the right side of our circle and I would follow the back fence line and come up around to the left and go around the red panels on the left of the picture. It has a few small slopes which will be nice to build his hiney. I just wish I could get out there more consistently!

I really need to get out there at least two days a week but it's hard. I already am gone for lessons on Monday, get home too late to ride Tuesday, Wednesday is church, Thursday I try to ride. Friday I try to ride as long as I don't have small group at my house. If I do, I'm usually in cleaning/cooking mode all day and miss the golden hours of Hailey's nap to get out and ride. Saturday I feel guilty if I go out with him because its supposed to be our family day. And Sunday is took up with church and band practice (for church, I play violin in our band). Phew!

Anyway, I'm gonna try my best to ride him Thursday and Fridays. The ride last week he was finally getting the vertical flexion a little more. He's doing really good laterally now. Again I just drug my new saddle stand out and threw his tack on with him standing there. Then used it to mount up. Worked awesome!

So! Last weeks lesson went pretty good! I got to ride Goldie girl. We did just flat work, working on bending and counter bending, pushing them up onto the bit, and did a dressage test (which I bombed, blahh!) It got pretty dark before we were finished and it like scrambled my brain, lol. But we had a pretty solid, good ride.

Last night was a pretty boring lesson overall. There were 3 other girls riding besides me and once again I was on the easiest horse and/or had been taking lessons consistently lately longer then the others. So naturally L was more focused on the other three. I worked on my own a lot with a few pointers from L and we did get to do a bending line of two jumps a few times. It was still fun! I rode Holster this time, who I still haven't unlocked how to get on the bit fully. His mom was lessoning with us and she tried to explain how she does it but I still didn't have much luck. Oh well! We have Thanksgiving break next week and L told us the following week back we will all be swapping up horses. I have a feeling I will be on London. EEP. But I'm excited to be challenged by a new horse. She said we will be going over our preferred dressage test. Which will be Intro B for me. Gotta study up! I really hope to be able to set up a dressage arena to practice it with Harold sometime this week and/or next.

The saddle stand business is still in works. I hope to have my etsy store up and running by the end of the week. I got the other stained it just needs bridle hooks. And the husband is going to make one more that I will be painting white. Hopefully tonight!

With one coat of stain (don't mind the mess, this was in the back room
at the mechanic shop I work at, lol)

I leave you with an adorable picture of my two blondies from last Friday. Chloe girl was out of school for veterans day so we went to mcdonalds for breakfast. Love them!!

Chloe 6, Shelby 3 in Dec

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