Saturday, December 31, 2016

My New Beauty!

:Ahhhhhhh: Isn't it beautiful!

After last weeks lesson I realized how much I really wanted a saddle just for dressage. We were trying to do some no stirrup work with a long dressage leg and I was having a hard time in my forward flap doing what she was asking. Plus I have always admired and wanted one. And this spring I plan on Harold and I hitting some dressage shows!

So this is a Cliff Barnsby Anky Van Grunsven saddle. It's been a tad used and abused but has plenty of life left! It has a small hole in one of the knee pads that I will have to deal with eventually. And some cracky leather in places that needs lots of conditioning. But I only spent $200 on it and it came with all the fittings! Stirrups, leathers AND a girth. All things I don't have, so it was great.

I have a dressage saddle pad on order and a dressage bridle. Just need a bit and we are ready to go! It looks like the fad is eggbutt snaffle?

My main horsey goal right now is to make it to some small dressage shows with my boy this spring/summer. That will be SO fun.

Anyway! I've rode in it twice and it's so comfy! It seems to fit my boy good too. The first time I rode him he was super lazy and the second time he was super zoomy haha. So I'll be glad to have a quiet medium ride!

Yesterday was when I rode him second, we went to the pasture dressage arena and he was awesome walking over there and tacking up behind my suburban (where I had my saddle) but after I got on he was so ready to go back to his pasture and friends that I was fighting him constantly. I never got him to relax and listen for long. He never picked his head up much above level and he was never scary or spooky, just always pulling towards the barn and never really softening his mouth and neck. And every time we halted he was trying to walk off again to the barn, which is unlike him.

We did get a little bit of good work before the baby monitor on my waist started letting me know Hailey bug was awake.

I will say it was cool and WINDY so I was proud of how chill my guy was!

Monday I'm back to lessons so will update after!

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