Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My DIY Dressage Arena and a New Equine!

So it's been a few weeks! I haven't had lessons in THREE weeks almost now, boo. We took of for Thanksgiving week and then the next week it rained. And THIS week it rained. We have been in a drought for months, and now it won't STOP raining. :roll eyes:

Anyway! I haven't got to ride Harold last week, or this week yet. But hope to Thursday or Friday.

The week before finally got my dressage arena up! It was a bit of a pain, but thankfully I had my awesome, handy husband to help me measure it all out and figure out the dimensions. I didn't have enough room for the long arena, but it works well enough!

Hubby pounding in my letters!

Harold super excited about it ;)

Surveying our new domain!
It was so fun! Harold did great, he was looking around a lot, but not spooky. I had a lot more motor with meant our test was nice and forward without me having to push, push! I walked and trotted him around a bit but the husband wanted to go in and watch the Iron Bowl (WAR EAGLE) so I hurried and just went through our test so he could video it for me. It was the first time he had ever done a dressage test in his life, I'm sure! LOL, but he rocked it. We of course are still working on connection and all, but he's getting it! Here we are!

I was so proud of him! His first halt was flipping AMAZING. What a good boy! I haven't got to ride out there again yet but definitely plan on it when I get a chance! All our work has paid off! I'd love to keep working him pretty consistent all winter and be able to start taking lessons at L's in the early spring so we can hit some shows when they start!

And the next exciting news!! WE GOT A PONY! AH! I know! The girls are so excited. Meet Snowy! She is a 10ish cremello mini horse. Who may also be bred. Yeah, I know! BABY MINI HORSE?! Adorable! I will be carting her to the vet soon to see for sure! Being a cremello means she could have a palomino or buckskin! EEE!

The girls are pretty excited! But we shall see how long it lasts, but if she just sits out there and eats hay, that is probably okay, its not like she will eat much!

So she was hanging out in a small pen inside Harold's pasture to get acclimated and all, but this morning I went to check on her and she was LOOSE out in the pasture! LOL. She had been having red marks on her shoulders so I think she has been pushing on the panels and finally got it opened enough where she could escape!

Anyway, they were all completely fine with her and even shared their hay, so we should be good!


Little, big, lol

Well, hopefully I will have a lesson update next week! Until later!

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