Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pony Play!

As you can see the girls love her and she 
is doing so far! She is very sweet and friendly and lets the kids run up to her, scream and squeal around her, and also lead her around with no problems. I love that she is small enough I don't have to worry constantly about them getting run over or stepped on! Of course they will outgrow her pretty quick but for a first pony she is perfect. And I also have another little one coming up that will keep her busy in a few years!

I don't know much about her except what I heard second hand. She supposedly rides and pulls a cart. I don't know about the cart but she does fine with kids riding her and seems to know about this saddling business pretty good. She's not a big fan of cinching up which could mean she hasn't been rode a lot. To begin with we had to have some pretty firm ground work discussions, she was obviously used to walking on top of whoever was leading her and basically doing whatever she liked. Until I came along! Muahaha. I had a come to Jesus meeting with her (which entailed lots of her trying to run off at the end of the lead rope and even some rearing involved) and ever since she has done better and better each time. 

She MAY be pregnant but I still haven't confirmed that yet. She is pretty fat but it could just be her pony belly. With the holidays and all and the insistent rain I haven't gotten her to the vet. Hopefully this Friday! I'd love to get an ultrasound done on her just to see it for fun, and for the girls to experience it. That'd be so neat to see!! I've seen lots of baby ultrasounds but never a horse!

I bought the girls a Wintec leadline saddle for Christmas and we got to try it out yesterday. The girth the lady sent with it is a tad too long but we made it work. They were both quite timid about riding so they didnt do but a few steps (my oldest  didn't even want to move, lol) so it's fine for right now. They love to lead her around though!

In Harold news! I haven't gotten to ride him much lately. When I get a chance we have been out playing with the pony, lol. But I did get to ride Christmas Eve in our NEW DRESSAGE SADDLE! :Squee!: More to come on that!

I had a lesson FINALLY last Tuesday. It was on Goldie. There were 3 or 4 other girls in there so it was a tad busy. It was fun though! I wore spurs and Goldie was hot to trot! She was so forward and easy to get on the bit. She is very heavy in the hands though and will lean on you with no problem. I was so tired after from her pulling!

No lesson this week but hopefully back on schedule in the new year! 

Until later!

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