Monday, January 30, 2017

Lesson Recap and An Outing Friday!

*NOTE: I just realized I didn't post this last Thursday like I was supposed to! I'm writing an update on our lesson and will hopefully post it today! It went SO GOOD!!!)

Fox Hill Farms
So I'm so excited about the second part of my title, that I'm going to tell yall about that first.

I'm trailering Harold to L's tomorrow! I know! So exciting. I feel like I have him in a good spot finally so we can go out and get some new things to work on to progress us. I kind of feel like I am floundering a bit on what to do next, besides just make what we are doing now better. I've never trained a horse all the way through in english and I want to do it right!

So the plan right now is to go to L's maybe two Fridays out of the month. I hope he does well tomorrow!! I know he is generally a good, quiet boy. But he has had moments where he can get silly, just like any other horse! I think the main thing will be all the different horses there. There are horses in the pasture where we will park, in the stalls in the barn, in the pastures by the arena. Plus if we ride in the pasture by the road there will be cars to deal with. And there are woods on the far end of both pastures that even the school horses look at sometimes, lol. Although of all things that will probably be the least for him since he lives in a wooded area.

And its supposed to be PRETTY cool in the morning at the time we will be there. Probably around 40 degrees, boo!! But sunny at least!

So the plan is to run over and feed the horses early (hopefully before the kiddos wake up) and drop my eldest off at school around 7:50, get back home about 8. Hook up the trailer and load mister Harold up (all my tack etc will already be loaded in the dressing/tack room). Then I will head to the shop where I work to drop off the baby and Shelby girl with my mom who works on Fridays. And off to L's!

Last week I got to ride real quick on Friday afternoon. I parked the girls in the field again and rode in our pasture 'arena'. He was so much better this time then last. He was still speeding up and pulling toward the barn but not near as bad! And he wasn't lazy or too fast. Good boy! I actually toted all my tack from the parked car to him, tacked him up in the pasture and then rode him back to the arena. He was a STAR. Love him!! I worked on some circles and riding him with contact again. He kept cracking me up though with his speed games. If we were heading toward the pasture and buddies, zoom! If we were heading away, sloooww down. It was like automatic. After a few circles he gave up on that though, until we would change directions and he'd start it all over, lol.

Silly boy wondering why Chloe was yelling at him, lol (ears up!)


On lunch at work today I had to hit the feed store while I was out. WELL they have a new lady in there that has been actually ordering horse stuff! And I was like, uhh, I need that and that and that. Husband is gonna be like, what the?!

My haul!
So I grabbed a trailer tie which I've been needing, a new halter (isnt it perty!?) and a eggbutt bit I've been wanting. His rope halter got chewed up by the dog, and I figured he needed a nice one for outings anyway ;). And a bag of grain later and I'm out of there minus 80 bucks. Eep. 

That night I tried his halter on him and did some flexing in his new bit. He did awesome!! I'm so excited about tomorrow!!

So! Tuesday I had a lesson. I had a choice to ride Charlie or Landon. I chose the known rather then the uknonw, lol, and grabbed Charlie who was also conveniently in his stall. He did great! It's been several weeks since I've rode him. We did quite a bit of jumping that day too! We started out just with a cross rail and then worked up to a small 'course' of three. Nailed it! So. Much. Fun. After we were done I wasn't scared to jump him anymore at all. The last time I jumped him he would still try to stop right in front of it on you. He didn't even hint at it this time, yeah.

So I will update again after our lesson!! 

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