Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farrier Part Trois! Good or Bad?

Drum roll puhlease!! Was Tuff the monster and major PIA that the guys all said he was last time?? Or was he the angel we ALL know he is?? ;)

Well he was an angel of course!

So last night I had a dream that had me waking up pretty happy. I dreamed the farrier came out and he did so great and everyone was complimenting me on him. Now, usually I would have had an anxiety dream with him being a total terror. But thankfully that wasn't so!

I was not too happy when I got to the driveway though and saw the farrier already out there doing Stormy. I was like crud! He was at least 10 minutes early! I had wanted to be out there to brush him down and work him a little. So I rushed home got my nice work clothes swapped with my comfy ones and tried to get my camaro to get out of the mud where I park it (the rain is endless here!!). It wouldn't come out! So I flew out of it and into the truck, yelling at my husband to hurry who by then was coming from his parents. I got out there and walked up to Tuff and saw he had a huge brier in his tail, so I reached back to get it out and he starts walking off. -_- I reach for his halter and he walks faster until he is basically running from me, but I got the sucker! Hehehheh. So got the brier out and held on to him until Stormy was done (who did well for her first set of shoes! We weren't sure how she would react, haven't had the farrier out since we bought her, although I heard she did roll the farrier across the ground a few times, haha, apparently her shoe hooked his chaps).

Then it was his turn! He did pretty good with his first front, he tried to pull away once but I held him, and then called in the husband for back up. (he's stronger them me of course!) So I handed him the lead and took pictures. After that he did pretty good! No trouble with the backs of course, and his other front he thought about pulling back a few times but didn't. (I got that leg on video but can't upload it until tomorrow when I get to work) So all our work has paid off!

I bet it didn't take 5 minutes. And after that I was like wow, what an anti climax! Which is totally fine with me. Of course he needs to be a good boy another half a dozen times at least before it is likely that he won't be a problem. But this was a good sign! I joked with the guys before I left, how I still didn't believe he was such a pain last time. ;)

So after that we headed to the house to get the checkbook and a halter for Daisy while the BIL and FIL went on out to the other pasture to round up Rusty and Daisy. We did Daisy first, she was a star as usual. Although she did think my fingers were carrots a few too many times for my comfort, lol. I brought some out for Tuff to distract him and he didn't even want it! Neither did Stormy or Skip! Weirdos! Okay, yeah, they were a little frozen and really old, but still! I knew Daisy would eat them, of course she did. And Rusty even liked them. So those youngsters need to stop being so picky! Lol.

Rusty was next, he gave a little trouble with his fronts, pulling back until the farrier lets go, thats his usual stunt. But he wasn't bad. At one point he picked up the farriers rasp from his little roll around cart and held on to it by the handle! It was so funny, the farrier tried to get it back and he wouldn't let go! He is super silly. Lots of personality. And goofiness!

So thats about all! Sorry I still haven't gotten the ground driving video up yet. Stupid vimeo took all day to get to 84% just to tell me that there was an error and it couldn't finish. GRRR! So I'll try again tomorrow! (I got it down from over 10 of uncut video to 5 minutes, yay me! lol)

Have a good night/morning all!

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