Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Okay, the first episode of the new season just started Sunday, so I thought, hey, I need to let my horsie readers know about this GREAT show.

Most of you probably haven't heard of it, and its no wonder. This tv show is actually filmed and shown only in Canada. But thanks to youtube and torrents (utorrent.com) anyone in the world that has access to the web can watch!

It is based (very loosely I might add) on the book series for young adults by Lauren Brooke that began in 2001 and has 25 books and some 5 special editions, named Heartland.

I read the books when they came out and when I heard about them filming a tv series I was super excited! And then super dissapointed when I found out I wouldn't be getting them on my tv. Some of you lucky people that have the CBC channel on their satellite can watch it!

Anyway, here is a link to the first season on youtube, check it out! Its addicting, my husband (not so horsey) even loves it! As do my in laws, and my mom and niece...etc. The scenery is beautiful, and its CLEAN. No sex, drugs, smoking, cussing, etc. Thank God! There are SO FEW programs out there like this.

I admit some of the horse stuff is cheesy, but its better then a lot of things I've watched!

Heartland Season One

And here is the first part of Episode 1:

There ya go! Enjoy!
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