Monday, October 12, 2009

Ground Driving Part Trois

Or part three in case you aren't up on your french, lol. (believe me I am not, had to google that one!)

So first off, Tuff hasn't been ground drove since March of this year, and if you all remember (post here: A Tough Tuff Day) it didn't go as well as I would have liked! Although in his defense, it was only his second time.

So Saturday morning I drug my surcingle and lines out to the pasture with me. I had a little bit before we had to go get hay and wanted to get out there and work with him. (D-day is tomorrow!! Farrier part trois as well)

He did SO good. I was very proud. First of all I lunged him around a bit, just to make sure he was listening and acknowledging who was in charge, and that would be moi. Gosh, what is it with the french words today?? So sorry. By then the little BIL had showed up on his four-wheeler. I was thinking, oh good! Then if I need help for any reason I have an extra set of hands. I thought about having him stand at Tuffs head to begin with and then gradually go off, but I have never done that with him, and he's always been pretty good. I also didn't want Tuff watching/listening to the BIL and not me...sooo, I just had him stand close in case I needed him. And then I asked him to video for me, thats why its on the ground at first, and then up, lol.

Turns out I didn't need him! That little grey fuzzy butt went out there and waltzed around like he had done it thirty times instead of three.

Of course he wasn't perfect. We still need to work on:
  • Stopping on cue better
  • Backing up better
  • Not moving forward after backing
  • Turns could be better
  • A little 'pluggy'
Now for things he did good!
  • Walking off on cue, very well!
  • Yielding to the halter fairly well most times
  • 'Parking' nicely most times
  • Staying steady, not speeding up
  • Staying calm and unconcerned
  • I saw him licking and chewing a few times, very good!
  • Totally unconcerned with the surcingle, only his second time in it!
  • Also very unconcerned about the long lines

So all in all a very good lesson. I have never tried backing him on the lines before, so that was a first. He did pretty good! Except for always wanting to step forward again right afterward. I'm not sure what that was about! You'll see it in the video. Next time we might try a bit of trotting! We'll see!

I worked him in the halter that day mostly because I forgot my bitless bridle. He had no problem in it. The first few turns were a little sticky but after that he went pretty well! I'm halfway thinking of measuring his mouth and getting him a full-cheek. See what he thinks. He still has such a small mouth though, that it will have to replaced sooner or later when he gets bigger...

So we practiced the farrier routine a few times after that. He did pull away from the BIL once -_- I just told him to quickly pick it up again and he tried a few more times but didn't get away and he quit. I wanted the BIL to do it because he is bigger, more like what the farrier will be, and I knew it would be harder for him to keep his balance. Thats why he pulls away, he thinks he is falling and has to get his balance. So after that he was good, and did well when I did the rounds.

I'm gonna try to get out there again today one last time before tomorrow. Not sure if I'll make it, depends on what is going on. It is my birthday today, so not sure what they might have planned. :)

I will try to get the video uploaded tomorrow and posted. Its LONG, I think I need to go through and cut it again, lol.

Have a great week everyone!

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