Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another New Bit! (yeah yeah, I know I just tried one!)

Well I was in tractor supply this afternoon and was looking at the bit section and saw one for around 20$ and I was like HUMMMM, hehhe, one I haven't tried! So originally I was going to grab the full cheek snaffle, always wanted one of those anyway. But then I saw a correction mouth curb bit. I KNOW, idiot me pickin up the curb again, but I have also always wanted one of those as well, so I grabbed that one. (It was cheaper too, lol) The horses at the college I used to ride did so well in those bits.

So I had her bridle in the car from the other day and decided to go over to the pasture and try it out real quick. Well I thought I had it in there, but turns out I had the other bridle, the one I have for showing. Which has no reins. -_- So anyway I put it together anyway and grab a long strap off my laptop bag for a 'rein' lol.

The horses are conveniently near the gate so I climb through the fence and put it on and it turns out the bridle wont adjust high enough. Great. So she chews and chews and yawns and yawns and finally settles. She responded very quickly when I flexed her both ways, but sometimes would chew when I did it. So really not sure if she likes it or not, not feeling confident. But I'll get her bridle she normally wears that has more adjustments and try it out.

Anyway, just a small update! Fly sprayed her and gave her some wormer too. Shes such a good girl just stood there with her foot cocked the whole time nearly. Loves her!!

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