Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GREAT 3rd Ride!

Yeah! I knew it would get better next ride! Well I hoped mostly, lol. And I did act more intelligently this time as well.

So, I got home from work Saturday and was vegging on the couch thinking how I was planning on riding, but the couch was comfy and I was a little overstimulated from work...so I grabbed me a bowl of ice cream and vegged some more. Then the BIL calls:

"were you going to do anything with Daisy this evening?"
"um, I dunno, why?"
"I was just wondering..."
"oh, were you going still going to get your horse out to give him a bath?"
"oh, were you wanting to ride?"
"well, I don't care...Jessie wanted to."

So I say okay, I'll be over there in a few mins. Got dressed boots on, etc, grabbed the bridle and head over there. They already had the tack and brushes in the back of their dads old truck and we were set! I'm glad he called, was the kick in the butt I needed.

I let the little BIL tack her up, which went okay, although he did put the saddle a little too far back, had to fix that. No biggie!

So I put her back in her grazing curb bit just for kicks, and to see just how well she did in it. Well she did okay, she does settle with it very quickly after she gets it in her mouth. But she has next to know turning or stopping with it, which a bit of it could have had to do with her not having a curb chain (forgot it on my other bit)

Here's a few pictures from then...

Cant you tell she loved it! lol She's like bleck!
This one was neat, looks like we're cutting or something lol! Well, minus the cow.

So, hopped off and changed that, undid the straps on each side and Daisy decided she was fine just holding onto it, lol! The look on her face is like "what? what did I do??" hahaha

So I finally got her to let go of that and put her mullen mouth back in. She was such a good girl during all that. I hopped back up and headed around with that one, she responded much better with it. After that I jumped off and let the little BIL ride. He had a bit of trouble understanding how I wanted her to rein him. And I think Daisy knows she can get away with stuff with him, lol. I don't know why she didn't try that with Kristy (SIL). She knows even less then the BIL so maybe she knew she shouldn't mess with her or she'd prolly fall off! lol

So anyway he was having trouble getting her to turn, and then when he would turn her around back toward us she'd start trotting, very slow and easy, head down, nice as you please, hahah. That is so unusual for her, she's usually so lazy! I kept asking him if he was squeezing her or something, no, he says. She did it like three times, he'd stop her right after but it was funny. After he got off we were adjusting stirrups and such for the older BIL to ride and saw that the cinch buckle had gotten all twisted (its a cheap piece of crud my FIL had on his saddle) and it was poking her in the side in like three places, lol. It's a wonder she didnt buck us off! Goes to show you how unperturbable she is. Wow, wonder if thats spelled right, doubt it.

So we fixed that and of course big BIL had no trouble with her, but he also knows how to ride pretty good. Here they are:

Stirrup adjusting... Daisy looks wild. ;)
Daisy looks awesome here. She's so pretty. I got her for a song and she's just great! Worth so much more. Wish she were about 10 years younger...oh well.

So after the big BIL rode awhile I got back on and tried riding 'one handed'. Although I did have my pinky in position to help with direct reining if she wasn't getting the neck cue. Predictably she did great when going 'home' but any other way not so good, lol. Although it got a lot better after a few mins and I was even guiding her a bit going straight, not just neck reining the turns. AWESOME! So fun, I love neck reining, it makes you feel so in control and like your on such a broke horse.

So all in all, a great day. Daisy put up with us getting on and off her so well, bit changes, stupid pokey cinches, etc.

Oh, I almost forgot. After I got back on again after the big BIL got off we rode on down the road again. BIL distracted Rusty with some grain so he didn't come running around crazily until a while later, lol. Got down there and up to the main road, walked up the hill, and she turned and was looking at the bushes, thought she was thinking something was in there, but turns out she was looking behind her at Rusty who had come running up. So we walked a little farther, turned around and I made her stand for a few seconds.

She moved off twice, but then stood quietly for a few seconds and so I told her to go on back down the hill and back to the gate. She made me a bit nervous with how 'up' she gets, but her 'up' is her head isn't dragging the ground and her ears are pricked, lol. I'm such a wussy. I'll get better though, the more I learn to trust her, and she learns to trust me too. I hope!

I made her walk past the spot where the gate was a few times, making her listen to me, and not going where she wants to, etc. She did pretty good. Then I walked on back up where we were riding and did the same thing, because I knwo she was expecting me to get off after we got near the gate. Nope! Hehe.

Here's a vid of us! :)

So that's about it! Didn't get a bosal to try, although the FIL says he has a homemade one...hm, not sure, but I'll look at it. I'm okay with the mullen right now I guess, just wish she wouldn't chew on it so much while turning, etc. I wish we had a trailer and could cart her up to the vet to do her teeth. I bet that might help. God knows when she's had her teeth done. NEVER probably. We did buy a trailer this weekend, but it only fits a lawn mower or four wheeler, lol.

Oh! Tuff had a excited time that day too! He wore his first saddle! :) I was proud of him. He was pretty scared of it to begin with, didn't want it too near him or touching him at all lol. I had the little BIL holding him for me and he backed up from it for awhile, but eventually I rubbed him with it, held it high by his side, set it on his neck a little, etc, and he was totally fine with that. So then I set it on him, ready to grab it off, but he didn't give a rip. After he figured in his mind it wasn't anything to worry about the didn't care what it did, lol. Yeah! So of course I got a picture, lol. He looks worried doesn't he! The picture right before this had his back foot cocked, but his eye was flashing so I like this one better. Gosh he loosk wormy again. I swear I worm him a lot.

Sigh. Well guess thats all for now, bye!
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