Saturday, May 17, 2008

Boring Post

So, haven't been able to ride or do anything with the horses last couple of days. Thursday had a ho use warming right after work and then my husband and bro decided they had to work on their piece of crap dunebuggy (more a sand rail) until 10:30. -_- And yesterday was cold and depressing!

So! Hopefully today will have some horsey stuff to it. Its beautiful out supposed to get nice and warm. Although right now I am stuck at work until 3 pm. Boo. The older BIL was talking about taking his horse out to the house and giving it a bath, I really need to do this with Daisy as well, although I'm not sure he's going to wait for me to get home. I told him to, but then said you don't have to, so who knows lol.

Farrier did not come on thursday. I told BIL to cancel cause it did NOT want to stop raining. And then turns out he was at the hospital with a nephew and wasn't planning on coming anyway. Nice. Thanks for calling. -_- Farriers are so freaking annoying. So hopefully he will get out mon or tues. I think I've decided to shoe Daisy all the way around. Might as well she's just so ouchy on gravel without them and will work to avoid getting on it, lol.

I did see mr Tuff Tuff last night. He was looking good, looked bigger from the week ago that I'd seen him, his tail is getting long. Quite a ways past his hocks. He has also slicked out on his shoulder and chest but thats about it lol. Need to get some wormer in him again. He was chomping down on some hay and I made him back up and held on to his head, moving it this way and that. He tried to get away a few times but not hard and I was pleased with his reaction. His eye stayed soft the whole time. Hesa sweety. e also didn't spook when I rode my bike up to the fence where they were like his buddy. Good!

He could also use a bath, or some more water training. He seems like he will be easy to mess with, as far as the water is concerned. I messed with it a month ago or so with just letting it run next to him and then gradually getting his front feet wet. He moved a little but wasn't unduly concerned. Then a week or so later I got his feet wet up to his knees and his back feet wet pretty high and he did great. So! We'll see! Maybe do some work with him today since it will be warm.

Well thats it!
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