Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Video is Back Up!

Thank goodness! Apparently it was a blogger thing and not my fault. Yeah!

So nothing to report really, sorry. I've been the busy girl this last week and was gone most of the weekend until monday on a camping trip with the in laws ;).

Daisy did get herself a set of shiney shoes Thursday! And behaved very well. Only one little hiccup when she didn't want to have on of her back feet doen for a moment, lol. A slap with the lead rope and growls did the trick. Rusty on the other hand was a bit of a handful the farrier had his number. Every time he went to pull his foot away and be a pain he grabbed the lead rope and made him run around in little circles until he decided it was just easier to stand still, lol.

I was planning on having Tuff trimmed as well but it was 55$ just for Daisy and the husband wasn't wanting to pay the farrier any more of our little amount of money. *sigh* So next time.

Not sure when I'll be riding again. I want to keep working on her neck reining so it gets very good, and start some side passing, rollbacks, etc. Those are fun. I like to have a horse that will put its feet where you tell them, no matter the direction. I also need to teach her haunches out to help with lead cues. Hm, what else...maybe letting me swing/climb up on her bareback? hehe. That reminds me, while the BIL was having Rusty done I found a stump and climbed up on her bareback in the pasture, that was fun. I tried neck reining her a bit with the lead rope, but mostly ended up having to flip the lead rope from side to side, lol, good thing she doesn't mind a lead rope swinging over her nose lol.

Well hope all is well with everyone elses horses! Ta ta.

p.s. Here is a short video from the last ride of the big BIL and Daisy, they trot! hehe

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