Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not So Great 2nd Ride

Well I call it the 2nd because its the second one in a long time!

So yesterday I got home from work and wanted to try out my new correction mouth bit, my husband was working late, and even though it looked like it was going to rain I got myself suited up, grabbed the tack, and headed to the pasture. The thought that I'd have something to write in my blog was a big encouraging factor. Yeah for the blog!

So got out there and the little BIL (bro in law) was out there just finishing feeding them, so they were by the gate. Grabbed Daisy out and saddled her up. I was not pleased to see her trying to avoid the saddle blanket -_-. I moved her back to where she was and growled at her a bit, and tried again. She moved. I think the 3rd time she finally stood still. She didn't move when I put the saddle on, so I guess that's something.

Then came the bit, which initially I had it too high so I took it out, adjusted it, and tried again. She HATED it. I think it's too small for her mouth for one thing (looked like it was digging into her jaw where the bit attatches to the headstall) and just too much mouthpiece. She was gaping and had her head in the air, chewing, yawing, etc. So I quicky took it off and swapped it back to the mullen mouth that she seemed to do well in the other day. She was much happier! I also adjusted it a bit lower then it was.

By that time my husband and his other brother had shown up, so I was able to recruit him to adjust my stirrups after I got on, and the cinch that turned out to be way too loose. Nothing went very smooth! Nothing like the other day.

So I finally was able to move off. She did woah better then the other day, turning still caused a lot of chewing. As long as I'm not touching the bit she has no chew reaction. :sigh:

We did do some nice attempts at turn on the haunces. Then I decided to try and fame her up a bit, tuck her nose. That didn't go well at all. She wanted to stop, and then her head came up and her tail went to swishing. Then she tried backing up, and that was when she finally tucked her nose a bit and I stopped cueing. Which I don't want her to think she is supposed to back each time...

So I tried it again and was much softer with my cues this time, that went better. But she was still confused as to what I was wanting. She was getting the woah cue along with the go cue and was like "WT??"
Don't have a whole lot of experience teaching this, so not sure what I did wrong, where I should go with that. Any one who wants to comment and help me is more then welcome!

We trotted a bit, that was fun, but the area I have to ride in is REDICULOUSLY small. The only other place is the gravel road, which is no good until I have her shod all the way around. Or the pasture, where the gelding is and he is a huge pest. And usually whenever he gets close to her she gets a marish squeely attitude. Don't want to be aboard for that, lol.

I think she was in a bit of that mood yesterday, dunno if she is fixing to go into heat or what. She wasn't as relaxed or in as good a mood. After I let her go she trotted off down the hill squeeling at the gelding, so who knows.

I'm really thinking about ordering some Mare Magic and seeing what that does. This mare is literally nearly always in heat. It's very tiresome.

I think the farrier is coming out this afternoon, though I'm not sure now, its raining and supposed to rain basically all day. You know how horse shoers are. Like cats, they don't come whe you call them and they don't go out in the rain, lol.

So I'm glad I got to ride, but wished it would have gone better. My next resort with the bit issue is I think a hackamore. :shrug: I dunno, seems like every horse I've had has had some kind of bit issue. I kinda feel like I'm giving up if I just take the bit out of the picture entirely. There was a bosal at the flea market for 20$ maybe it will still be there next week. Speaking of, I think Lee got her business card, maybe I can call her and have her hold it for me. :)

Ta ta for now!
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