Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bestest Friends

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been SO BORING as of late. (IT HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING!!) I just wanted to get on real quick and say things are going well and not much has been going on.

Good news though! Like I was predicting, Tuff, Skip and the new princess are all doing VERY well with each other. As you can see from these pictures:

ahhh, this is the life, me n my boys ;)

Seriously, they are grazing like that nearly every time I see them! So funny and so cute. I did notice a bite mark on Tuffs side (just the hair snipped off). Thats good that she is keeping him in line! Someone needs to!

I swear, looking at Tuff, I don't know how he is going to make it to the 'white' phase of graying out, he is just 2 and is almost there already! As for his height, still nothing impressive there. Actually I'm kinda getting worried. I haven't sticked him in awhile, but I don't know that he has even passed 14 hands yet! GEESH! I never thought I'd have to worry about him being too short to ride by adults. Seriously. Well he has some time still, I guess. But I am not real optimistic.

Okay, for the BAD NEWS. First of all, the farrier came out and did the horses last week, and of course it worked out where I was not there (working, o yeah) and of course Tuff was a TOTAL hiney apparently. So much so that they had to TWITCH HIM!! >:( Durn horse! Wish I had been there, you know how you are always sure you could have done something to make them behave?? Yeah, totally my thoughts. Anyway, he just wouldn't stand still, didn't want him near him, etc. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense on one hand, because he was NOTHING like that the first time he got his feet done, and then on the other hand this was only his 2nd time being trimmed and I haven't been working with him a lot lately, etc. Oh and yeah, I wasn't there. :-)

So anyway, now the REALLY bad news.

The little BIL finally named the new pretty grey mare.

Wait for it...

It's really quite bad...

Prepare yourselves...



STORMY!! I knew it was going to be bad!! I just KNEW IT!! :tries to calm down: Okay, okay. It could have been worse, I admit, he said he almost called her Storm. Eye yi yi. And he will not be moved on it. Believe me I TRIED. So there you have it. I have a seriously hard time even referring to her by that name. It won't come out of my mouth!!! GREY MARE is better!! Okay, I forgot, I'm supposed to be calming down. Okay, phew.

Anyway, back to the first bad news. That day (yesterday) that I took the above pics I picked up his feet, yada yada, moved him around, etc. NO PROBLEM. And they look great. I mean, he had his head down and was grazing and STILL he didn't ever offer to pull back or move or anything, picked them up nicely and held them. I mean, seriously, HORSE. Why weren't you like that when it COUNTED!?! :sigh: Hopefully he will be his good self the next time around. (and I will have him better prepared!)

On the other side, Skip, who was a pain last time, was an angel this time. Naturally. -_-

Oh, and in unrelated news, I found another blog with my name! Well, almost, and she has a chestnut QH named Daisy as well! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?? Well, pretty good actually, but anyway...here it is! Riding Miss Daisy

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