Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jump, Jump (Video!)


Hey everyone! I finally got the video edited for yall, there were like 5 different ones (the husband apparently was getting ate up by mosquitoes and thinking I was done, so kept turning the camera off, thats how he missed our best jump too!!) and it took a while to get the good stuff, and edit out the boring stuff. And I'm at work, so I have interruptions! The nerve! ;)

Again, excuse my atrocious position and be gentle with us! lol, this is the first time I've jumped in YEARS and even then I only did single or double jumps every once and awhile, never a course. None of us on the IHSA team were in the jumping classes, so we didn't focus on it much. PLUS she is SO PLUGGY and it took all I had to keep her going and get her over, that was where all my focus was, not my position unfortunately! So with practice we will both be SO much better! I'm excited. :) (Though I heard the rain is moving in AGAIN for the next 3-4 days, grrr)

So get ready to hear a lot of crop smacking (which doesn't seem to phase her), conversations about hot dogs, and my annoying voice saying high pitched GOOD GIRL's a million times! (goofy Rusty makes an appearance as well) It's nearly 6 minutes, sorry guys, you can fast forward through it if you want!

Seriously, after watching it for the tenth...or maybe 18th time, I think she goes so slow up to it to begin with mostly because she's not real sure what she's doing, lol, and also to make sure I really want her to go over it. Its so funny! I mean, her ears are always forward like okay, I see it, I see it...are you sureeee?? lol.

Towards the end you might notice a little hop in the pasture, lol, well that cracked me UP! Okay, there was like, a crater, I guess is the best way to describe it, there. It was VERY shallow, and VERY short, nothing for her to have a problem with, just a divot in the ground, but she decided to hop it! HILARIOUS! I guess she was really into it and enjoying herself, haha. She did it as calm and nonchalant as you please.

So I think our trot poles were placed a bit too far away for her slow pokey stride. What do yall think? And I'm not sure if our pole before the jump was in the right spot either. I heard it should be 9ft away? But our jump is so teeny right now, mabye it should be closer.

Anyway, shutting up now. Constructive help is always welcome! (but you have to stop laughing at us first!! ;) )

The proud mama! The husband cut off her legs...but I think we look GREAT!
I love her color right now

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