Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunge Line Refresher

Hey everyone! Okay, took me about 3 tries to figure out a title. Seriously, why are there so many ways to write lunge? There is longe, long line, lunge, etc. Geesh!

Anyway, not much of an update. I went out with the little BIL Saturday when he went to feed the princess to check on mr Tuff Tuff. He and Skip were out grazing, the princess was in the barn row of course, lol. She seems to be very sensitive, about rain and bugs at least.

So they came up to see us though, and of course Stormy was very excited to be getting fed. She was running them all off and made me a bit nervous because there is not much room at all in that shed row, plus there is a tractor in there. Skip got knocked against that trying to get away. Not cool. I dont know if itd be better to just block it off in front of the tractor or what, so they can only come into the barn one way, you know? I know I dont like the way it is now though!

Anyway, he put her in the stall to feed her and I played with Tuff outside a bit. Making him pick up his feet and STAND there because I am messing with him, not just walk off and do whatever he wants once I put his foot down. He learned that pretty quick. And did very well picking his feet up. Although I did notice one of his fronts is already chipping up in the front. -_- Too much to ask for Daisy's rock hard hooves I guess. Oh well, he's young, maybe he has to grow into them, haha.

After that I brought him back into the row and clipped him to the lead rope tied on the post. He's still shedding so I attacked that, then brushed his icky mane and tail out. They feel really greasy. Overdue for a bath! Also got him all War Painted up. (fly repellant, looks like a bar of deoderant haha, works REALLY well)

He kept wanting to move forward and stick his head over the stall door to see Stormy, and I want him to be still and stand right where I put him. Of course a foot moved is fine, but after I put him back and told him WOAH, he would move up there again and stick his head over. I must have moved him back at LEAST 7 or 8 times before he figured out it was easier to just stand still, lol. Genius! ;) After he did that I let him go.

The BIL was done feeding and let the princess out. I then saw the lunge whip in there and asked if they still had the lunge line out there. He said they did, so I got that and decided to see how well he would do on there, its been awhile. He was perfect of course! :) That picture up top is from my phone, and no he wasn't pinning his years, its the blasted gnats!! I'm sure he was in the process of flapping them around, lol. They were on the ATTACK, I had a hard time keeping them out of my mouth and eyes. SO ANNOYING. I'm glad the horses have the barn to get away from them, for some reason they won't go in there. Weird.

This is another I took (its really hard to lunge a lazy horse and take pictures!) and it looks so weird. I don't know if he was about to stop on me or what, lol. Very awkward! Anyway, I can see his neck needs to have another growth spurt, lol, I love a nice long neck! Of course his is def adequate.

Anywho, we walked a bit, and did about a circle of trot each way only because it was SLOPPY out there. I swear we might need to start driving boats around with all this rain. Then I practiced a bit of setting up and let him go. He's a good boy.

So thats it! If it ever stops raining I want to get out and ride my Daisy May again. Maybe we will try putting the solid pole across after she does some good cross-pole jumps! :-D (and after I get some more energy out of her!!)

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