Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who Said Fat QH Mares Cant Jump??

Because I need to have a talk with them, and show them a video!!

So this entry is dedicated to my friend in2paints who gave me her beautiful lynn palm! I told you I'd get you a video of us jumping in it!! :-)

I can NOT even describe how happy, excited, and proud I am of my Daisy May! I mean, you love your horses, and you know they are great. But, sometimes they just surprise you and amaze you! TODAY was Daisy's day for doing that.

So to begin with she was a bit hesitant, lol. She was missing all the trot poles, and not doing so well over them either. Then we got that better, and she didn't want to go over the jump! She kept just going off to the side, lol, but a few slaps with the crop and we got over it! (thank God for that crop!!) Well, she walked it with her front legs and hopped with her back! Took me TOTALLY by surprise, haha, so of course I was way behind and pulling on her mouth. But I had her in the bitless so of course she didn't mind much.

But then I really started waking her up with the crop before hand and she started getting it!! About 3 tries in she did a GREAT one and of COURSE the husband had stopped filming!! GEEZE! Oh well, lol. We never did do QUITE that good again, but the last jump was pretty close.

She stayed CALM and happy about it all, and I couldn't have asked for ANYTHING better!

So anyway it is nearly 10 at night and I'm tired and at home, so I will have to wait to show you the videos and expound a bit more tomorrow. But here are a few stills to hold ya over!

Jump, jump! Okay, I know my back looks terrible and my heel is too far in the stirrup, but look how cute Daisy is!! (we got a bit crooked to this one, lol)

Speaking of cute, enlarge it and look at her ears!

So until tomorrow!
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